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How To Report Your TD Canada Trust Credit Card As Lost or Stolen

    It is vitally important to report your credit card as lost or stolen as soon as you discover your card’s status. At TD Canada Trust, your credit card can be reported as lost or stolen 24/7. This means that even at 2am, you can call 1 (800) 983-8472 to make sure that an appropriate block is placed on your account. This toll free number works in both Canada and the United States. If you are travelling abroad, then you can call (416) 307-7722 collect to report your TD Canada Trust credit card as stolen or lost. This collect number is also available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for your convenience.

    Your Replacement Card Will Be Available In 2 Days

    If you happen to be close to a local TD Canada Trust branch, then you can also report your credit card as lost or stolen to any teller. A replacement card can be quickly received from any branch, even if it is not your home branch.

    Many of the proactive measures that help you keep your account information secure, even if your credit card has been stolen, can also be quickly modified at any TD Canada Trust branch. If you have forgotten your PIN or want to change it because the card has become lost. The branch will verify your identity through the established security precautions and then help you select a new PIN.

    Make sure that you take the time to memorize your new PIN and destroy any documentation that you receive with the new number on it. If you must keep the documentation of your PIN for some reason, never store it somewhere near where your card will be. Doing so will increase the chances of your account information being stolen and PIN access purchases that are made without permission will need a police report filed.

    Did You Lose Your TD Canada Trust Access Card?

    Because the TD Access Card carries with it a Visa Debit symbol and there is immediate debit access up to $100 per purchase, it is important to report this card as lost or stolen immediately. The number to report these card is different than that of the TD Canada Trust credit card. You will need to call 1 (866)
    222-3456 in order to report the card missing.

    You may also go to a local TD Canada Trust branch to report the Access Card as missing and to have a new card issued almost immediately.

    As part of the overall security of your credit and Access cards, it is important to set up all of your account access options immediately so that your information is not easily compromised. This means that in addition to a 4-6 digit PIN, you should create a difficult EasyWeb password that contains multiple digits and special symbols and your EasyLine PhoneCode. Although fraud and theft can still occur with these items active, it lessens the opportunity for success.

    Your account will remain blocked until your new card is activated. Call immediately, report locally, and the loss of a TD Canada Trust credit card can be a slight inconvenience instead of a life-changing event.


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