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Home Trust Visa Credit Cards Review

    Established in 1977, Home Trust has been helping clients across Canada reach their financial goals for decades now. As one of the leading financial institutions in this country, they offer mortgages, investments, and deposit account options, as well as credit cards. All three Visa cards can be managed and maintained by clients online, anywhere, and at any time. Balances, transactions, and statements can be reviewed quickly, easily, and securely.

    Below is an overview of their Visa credit card options.

    Home Trust Preferred Visa Card

    There are very few credit products these days that offer a rewards component with no annual fee, which makes the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card stand out from the crowd. The loyalty program on this Visa is simple and to the point. Clients earn 1% cash back on all spending charged to the credit card. There is no cap on what customers can earn, and the cash back rewards are redeemed yearly and placed against the card’s balance on the statement.

    Added benefits to the Home Trust Preferred Visa include Zero Liability coverage, where clients are not held accountable for any unauthorized purchases on the account, and Purchase Security which insures items charged on the card against damage or theft for up to 90 days.

    There are some added perks to the Visa, as well. For those who love to travel, hotel reservations are guaranteed on this credit card, which means a customer’s room will be held even if they arrive at their destination a little late. Clients pay zero foreign exchange fees on transactions abroad, even when online shopping. Emergency Roadside Assistance and Auto Rental Collision Loss/Damage Insurance are also provided.

    To learn more, visit Home Trust Preferred Visa Card.

    Home Trust Secured Visa Cards: Low-Interest and No-Fee

    Home Trust has also developed a credit product geared for clients who may have difficulty gaining approval on a traditional Visa due to bad luck or poor judgment in the past, which has led to a bad credit rating. A Home Trust Secured Visa Card is like a regular credit card, except there is a “secured” deposit placed against the card by the customer; the limit is determined by the “secured” amount placed on the Visa.

    For example, if a client places a “secured” deposit of $1,000 on their credit card, the spending limit would be $1,000.

    Secured credit cards offer some great benefits to clients. They help to build credit; as long as customers make payments on time, their credit score will improve over time. Plus, these cards are accepted anywhere Visa is and can be used for in-person or online shopping.

    Home Trust offers customers two options for a secured credit card. Individuals can choose between a Low-Interest Secured Visa Card, that has an interest rate of 14.90%, but that comes with an annual fee of $59; or a No Fee Home Trust Secured Visa Card that has no annual cost, but is linked to a 19.99% interest rate. Purchase Security insurance is available on both of these credit cards.

    To learn more, visit Home Trust Secured Visa Card.

    Home Trust Equityline Visa

    This Home Trust Visa allows clients the ability to access home equity, with the convenience of using a credit card, and added perks and benefits.

    Using the equity in a home, clients can secure anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 in funds, and the product is considered “revolving credit”, much like a credit line. It also offers lower rates than most credit cards, and these range from as low as 5.99% to 14.99%, depending on a customer’s credit score.

    The beauty of this product is that in addition to the above, clients also gain access to the flexibility of a credit card. Home Trust Equityline Visa clients are given cards that can be used for both in-person and online shopping. There is no annual fee on this Visa and no foreign exchange fees, much like the Preferred Visa options that Home Trust offers.

    Much like the Preferred Visa credit card, Equityline also provides clients with 1% cash back on all spending. Added perks that are included in this Visa are Emergency Roadside Assistance, Auto Rental Collision Loss/Damage Insurance, Purchase Security, and guaranteed hotel reservations.

    Customers can also rest assure knowing that Visa is accepted as a method of payment, worldwide, in over 200 countries across the globe.

    View for more information about No Fee Home Trust Secured Visa Card, Home Trust Preferred Visa Card or Home Trust Equityline Visa. Customers interested in any of the three Home Trust Visa products outlined above can apply online.


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