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Dillard’s Store Credit Card Review

    Dillard’s department stores can be found in 28 states with over 300 stores in operation, the majority found in Florida and Texas. Like many modern department stores, Dillard’s grew from a small, single location. This first store was founded by William Dillard in 1938 in Little Rock, Arkansas. This remains the location of Dillard’s headquarters, and many executives within the company are members of the Dillard family.

    Dillard’s Products

    Dillard’s department stores carry clothing and accessories, name-brand electronics, and housewares. Additionally, they carry a line of makeup, hair care, and other salon products. Brands offered by Dillard’s include Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, Elizabeth Arden, and many more. 

    Making the Most of a Dillard’s Store Credit Card

    Shopping with a Dillard’s credit card earns rewards in all departments of their stores. Cardholders get 2 points per $1 charged on their Dillard’s credit account, and these points can be redeemed for discounts. After collecting 1,500 points, shoppers get a 10%-off shopping pass on their next Dillard’s purchase within all departments and any merchandise within the stores.  The Dillard’s credit card “welcome offer” is a 10%-off shopping pass for the day   the card is opened and $100+ is spent.

    With the Dillard’s store card, customers are also given exclusive and special offers, early access to clearance events, and special financing options. It should be noted that as a store charge card, Dillard’s credit card cannot be used outside of their stores or websites. 

    If looking for Dillard rewards with a little more flexibility, then consider getting a Dillard American Express card. You get the same benefits as above; however, you can use the credit card outside Dillard’s and receive some added opportunities to collect points. These include 2 points for every dollar spent at a grocery store or gas station, and one point for every dollar spent anywhere else. You receive all the advantages you get from being an American Express cardholder, which include access to presale concert tickets, travel offers, and upgrades, as well as a customer service line dedicated to clients 24/7.

    If you charge $2,000+ to your Dillard’s store card or Dillard’s Amex each year, then you receive Elite” status membership, which gives valued customers even more perks. From complimentary gift wrapping (in-store) to monthly bonus rewards offers, free shipping for online purchases, plus exclusive private shopping events, being a Dillard’s “Elite” cardholder does have its privileges.

    How to Sign Up for a Dillard’s Store Card Credit Card

    Applying for the Dillard Store Credit Card or Dillard’s American Express Card has never been easier. Simply follow the links below and apply online. You should get your results within moments!

    For more information, visit Dillard’s Credit Card and Dillard’s American Express Card.


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