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Scotiabank Momentum® VISA Credit Card Review

    The Scotia Momentum VISA Card is a great card to get if you’re looking for some cash back. With an introductory APR of just 1.99%, you can also save some huge money on your existing balances with a simple transfer. Convenient to use and with worldwide acceptance, Scotia Momentum has the ability to maximize your cash back on the things you purchase every day. Unlike other cash back programs that have income requirements, the Scotia Momentum cash back program begins with just a $500 credit limit.

    Here’s what makes it such a great card!

    A small $39 annual fee accompanies this credit program as well, but in return, you get 2% cash back on all of the purchases that you make the most. From gas stations to grocery stores, people love this card because it gives cash back to the average person. You don’t have to be wealthy to save money!

    2% Cash Back For a Small Annual Fee? Done!

    To qualify for the 2% cash back, a purchase must fit into a specific goods or services purchasing category. Most grocery, gas, and drug store locations automatically have these categories assigned to them, but if you have any questions about how a purchase from a specific store will look on your statement ask for their merchant code.

    Compare that code to these four: 5411, 5541, 5542 & 5912. If it matches, you qualify for 2% cash back!

    You still get 1% cash back on all your purchases that don’t qualify for the 2% cash back amount. Add in the VISA paywave program, which lets you just wave your card to pay for goods and services, and you’ve got one of the easiest credit cards to use that is on the market today. No more fumbling around or dealing with a credit card machine that won’t read your card’s strip.

    Best of all, you can add someone else to this account for just another $15 per year. Let your savings begin to maximize!

    Momentum Provides Easy Access For People On the Go

    How hard is it to find a place to get a secure online connection so you can check your balances or manage your finances? With the easy access provided by Scotiabank, you can link this VISA to your ScotiaCard® in just a few moments. Once completed, you can then use the TeleScotia® telephone banking system or Scotia OnLine® financial services to access your information.

    No more fees to determine what your balances are! That’s just another reason why this credit card is the perfect card for everyone!

    Best of all, is the easy transfer terms you receive with the intro 1.99% APR. This applies to cash advances, balance transfers, or purchases that are made through the use of credit cheques that are associated with this card. These cheques are honored throughout Canada and the rest of world, making access to your credit secure and affordable. Take that holiday you’ve always wanted or pay off existing high interest debt more quickly with this incredible offer!

    If you’re looking to try a cash back programme for the first time, then Momentum is the perfect credit card for you. Though credit limits may not be very high on some accounts, it does give users the chance to establish a credit history, raise a credit score, and save money!


    Cash back on everyday spending
    Scotia Momentum® VISA* card Application


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