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Ryerson University Alumni Credit Card Review

    As an innovative scholastic leader of career-focused orientation, Ryerson University prides itself for always being on the move. With a campus that has a feeling that is distinctly urban in nature, the goal for students here is simple: to find a way to combine their education with their ideas so that it can be turned into meaningful action. From the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education to the Ted Rogers School of Management, downtown Toronto is a hub for amazing opportunities.

    As an alumni of Ryerson University, there are a number of negotiated services, benefits, and giving opportunities that are available to you right now. Just as innovative as the degrees, certifications, and programs that were offered to you, these options help you give a little something back to the school when you use them.

    None more so than the Ryerson University credit cards for alumni.

    Two Opportunities To Show Your School Pride

    When you have either of these credit cards in your possession, then you have the chance to support the ongoing efforts of Ryerson University as an alumnus. Each eligible purchase you make with one of these cards will initiate a donation from MBNA to the school. You buy the things you need every day using this card. You create financial support in doing so. It’s really that easy to start giving more back.

    There are plenty of benefits to explore with this exclusive opportunity that is open to Ryerson University alumni and their family.

    • Promotional interest rates are available on both cards in regards to balance transfers.

    • Redeemable points are available on the rewards card option, allowing you to receive merchandise, gift cards, or even travel benefits.

    • Immediate access to customer service is available 24/7

    This opportunity is offered in addition to the many travel programs and discounts, insurance opportunities, and career assistance options that are available to you as an alumnus of Ryerson University. Combine them if you wish to give back even more or just create financial support while managing your finances. Either way, you’ll be able to have a meaningful impact on the alumni and student programs that are supported with this opportunity.

    You Can Mark Your Gifts to the Ryerson Fund

    The Ryerson Fund helps you to support current students, technology upgrades, the faculty, and much more at the school. You can use your new Ryerson University alumni credit card to make donations to the fund with an online annual gift. Your employer may even match your annual gift to the Ryerson Fund. Additional financial contributions then come from MBNA through this program based on your spending. With just one gift, you could wind up giving back in three different ways – that’s smart support.

    If you’d like to find out more about this unique opportunity to contribute more to Ryerson University as an alumnus, the school has setup a page with the additional information you may need. We’ve put the link below for your convenience.

    View more information about the Ryerson University Alumni Credit Card.


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