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Seneca College Alumni Credit Card Review

    Providing full-time and part-time programs and classes in Toronto and York, this arts and technology school is focused on turning today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. As an alumnus of this school, you have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the key corporate partnerships that have been negotiated by Seneca College on your behalf. One of the most exciting opportunities offered is the Seneca College alumni credit card.

    How You Give Back With the Seneca College Credit Card

    Having the Seneca College credit card in your wallet or purse means more than a chance to show off your Sting Pride when you buy something. You actually create the opportunity to provide financial supports to the school with every purchase.

    Offered by MBNA, this contribution program works in two ways to send money on your behalf to Seneca College. You can choose to apply for a rewards credit card or a platinum card. Both work to help you begin enhancing the amount of money you contribute to Seneca’s alumni and student programs.

    Each card has certain advantages to consider to make sure you’re able to get the full benefit out of this unique opportunity.

    • For the Rewards Alumni Card: You receive a 1.99% promotional annual AIR on balance transfers for 10 full statement cycles. You’ll also earn 1,000 bonus points after your first eligible purchase and 1 point for each dollar spent. These rewards can be redeemed for a number of merchandise or cash options, including donations to charity.

    • For the Platinum Alumni Card: You’ll receive a 0% promotional annual AIR on balance transfers for 10 full statement cycles. You also receive cash access through a nationwide network of ATMs, access to 24/7 customer service, and a potentially higher credit limit.

    Whatever alumni card you decide is right for you, MBNA and Seneca College have negotiated an agreement that there will be no annual fee associated with your account. You’ll also receive security protections, PayPass, and other benefits with each card as well.

    Combine Offers To Save and Give Even More

    Seneca College alumni have one of the most comprehensive sets of exclusive benefits available right now from any Canadian university or college. Did you know that you can save 10% on all merchandise, even sales merchandise, from SoftMoc? If you use your new alumni credit card to make that purchase, you’ll be able to save money and give money back to the school.

    With a 21 day grace period in place for both credit card options, you’ll even get the chance to pay back the charge without incurring an interest fee.

    Airport parking, home security, and even printing services are also included with your alumni benefits. If you’d like to know more about all of the products and services that are available to you because of your status as an alumnus, a complete up-to-date list including this credit card opportunity is available through the Seneca College alumni page, which you’ll find below.

    View more information about the Seneca College Alumni Credit Card.


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