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University of Guelph Alumni Credit Card Review

    You have to experience Gryphon pride to really understand what it means. Going to the University of Guelph is more than just a chance to get further education or open a door to a career. It’s a chance to improve the lives of all Canadians and humanity in general. The focus is to develop each student at every level instead of improving one specific skill. As an alumni, the University of Guelph believes that each graduate should still be able to connect to this focus on the individual as part of the whole.

    That’s why, through a negotiated affinity partnership with MBNA, the idea of a credit card for alumni and their family and friends came about. It would be an easy way to give something back as an alumnus, while still personally earning.

    What Happens With the University of Guelph Credit Card?

    Every account which is approved for one of the two credit cards offered by this affinity program may qualify for a one-time donation to the Gryphon alumni or student programs that are currently being developed. Afterward, each qualifying purchase made on each approved account donates a portion of the sale to these programs as well.

    Whether you’re already giving back to the school or you’re looking for a way to start giving, this partnership will allow you to support the Wednesday Night Walks, the Arb Bioblitz and other Arboretum programs. You’ll be able to support the employment and research services which are available on-campus. Contributions may also be used for scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for current and incoming students.

    What Alumni Benefits Come With This Opportunity?

    As part of the alumni of the University of Guelph, this MBNA credit card provides you with a 10 month promotional AIR upon approval for all balance transfers. There are also bonus reward points available, point redemption opportunities, and fast cash access around the world.

    This line of credit can also be combined with other benefit opportunities offered by the alumni association to further enhance your contributions. Combine it with your home and car insurance policies, life, health and dental, or pay for an alumni travel program opportunity and visit Italy, Iceland, or a number of other itineraries that are available each year.

    There is no annual fee associated with this credit card benefit either, but fees, rates, and promotions are of course subject to change.

    Remembering your time as a Gryphon will always bring back fond memories about one of the most special times of your life. You may have graduated and moved onto the next step of your life, but the University of Guelph is still an active part of who you are.

    Whether you’re giving to the university annually already or haven’t gotten involved yet and want to get started, the University of Guelph Alumni Credit Card, created by the alumni association, may be right for you.


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