How to Contact American Express Customer Service?

American Express customer service is available 24/7 to meet any specific needs. For general information, the primary toll-free number to call is 1 (800) 869-3016. You may also call these additional numbers for assistance.

  • (905) 474-0870 for account holders in Toronto.
  • (905) 940-7702 for TTY/TDD account holders.
  • 1 (866) 549-6426 for TTY/TDD account holders throughout Canada.

Contact that number for general inquiries about lost and stolen credit cards as well. You can also email American Express to reach a customer service associate, but you must be logged into your online account dashboard to do so.

To contact a customer service associate about your American Express line of credit, call 1 (800) 263-3365 or in Toronto (905) 474-1545.

For help with your Buyers Assurance Protection Plan through American Express, call 1 (800) 225-3750.

If you must write American Express for general correspondence purposes, then use the address below:

American Express
General Correspondence
PO Box 7000 STN B
Willowdale, Ontario M2K 2R6

American Express can also help to transfer your card if you are planning to move to another country. Each country has different credit card regulations, so a new card becomes necessary. If you have an address and a phone number for your new location, then you can begin the transfer process as soon as today.

For information about your specific credit card, help with travel insurance, or to request an emergency card replacement, be sure to choose the specific contact information from the complete list of financial products that is available on the American Express home page.