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How to Contact TD Canada Trust Customer Service?

    TD Canada Trust offers a wide variety of customer service. All account holders are invited to provide feedback through their online email system or to have non-confidential questions answered in a 24-48 window. These toll-free numbers will also work for account holders who require technical assistance with their online banking portal. Assistance with mutual funds through TD Canada Trust is also provided at the toll-free numbers listed above.

    If you would like to open a personal bank account at TD Canada Trust or access telephone banking services, use the following toll-free numbers.

    • For English customer service, call 1 (866) 222-3456.
    • For French customer service, call 1 (800) 895-4463.
    • For TTY customer service, call 1 (800) 361-1180.

    If you require customer service for a TD Canada Trust credit card: 1 (800) 983-8472.

    For TD auto finance customers, contact a representative today at : 1 (866) 694-4392. Multi-language support is available at this number, but representatives only provide supports for existing customers who had auto financing arranged by a dealership.

    To send a secure message to TD Canada Trust, you will need to log into your existing EasyWeb account.

    If you just have a general question for TD Canada Trust, then representatives are also available by SMS text. Contact them at TDHELP [834357] and limit messages to 136 characters. Texts will receive an answer when sent between the hours of 6am-11pm Eastern Time Monday-Sunday.

    Use the above methods to contact TD Canada Trust customer service in your preferred way and you will be able to have your problems quickly and efficiently resolved.


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