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How To Report a Stolen or Lost Citibank Credit Card

    If you need to report a stolen or lost Citibank credit card, then the process of doing so can be completed in just a few minutes. In return, you’ll have complete protection against the loss because your Citibank account will be blocked from access. In about 72 business hours, you’ll receive a new card, a new account number, but the same service that you’ve got to expect from this international lending institution.

    How to notify Citibank of a lost or stolen credit card

    Here’s what you need to do if you must report your credit card from Citibank as lost or stolen.

    The toll free number to report your credit card as stolen is the same for all general account information. To speak to a customer support specialist, just call 1 (800) 347-4934 at a time that is convenient for you. Tell the specialist on the line that you need to report your card as either lost or stolen depending on your circumstances. Your account will then be blocked from use until you receive a new card in the mail to activate.

    If you need TTY services, there is a different number for you to call to report your credit card as stolen or lost. The TTY number is also toll free: 1 (800) 325-2865. Do not contact this number unless your phone line is equipped with this service. Mobile customers should contact the general account information toll free number at any time. Note: The TTY toll free number is used for all Citibank TTY services, including application status updates and technical help.

    There is a different contact number if you are outside of the United States. If you are outside of the US, then Citibank wants you to call 1 (605) 335-2222. You can call this number collect to reach a customer support specialist. Make sure to mention that you are calling to report that your credit card has been lost or stolen with the operator right away.

    You may need to dispute charges that were made without your permission after reporting the credit card as lost or stolen. The easiest way to dispute a charge with Citibank is to log into your Account Activity page. You can get to that page from your Accounts page by clicking on the link to the credit card name. This does not apply to any debit card transactions that may need to be disputed.

    What if my debit card and my credit card from Citibank were stolen? Debit transactions are handled by a separate part of the Citibank team. Any issues with your debit card, including any charges that you may need to dispute, will be handled by a customer support specialist at 1 (800) 374-9700.

    What if my credit card is a student card or part of the CitiBusiness program? If your credit card is part of a specific program, you can still contact the numbers found here in order to report your card as stolen or lost. There may be an alternate number on the back of your card. If so, then you may contact that toll free number as well. Do not call multiple numbers, however, because you may inadvertently cause your newly issued card to be blocked from the first call and require a second replacement card to be sent, which may cause delays.


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