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How to Report Your JPMorgan Chase Credit Card As Lost or Stolen

    JPMorgan Chase is dedicated to making sure that your credit card information is as protected as possible. If you suspect that you have lost your card or that is may have been stolen, then you can contact customer support immediately at 1 (800) 432-3117. It is recommended that you use this method of contact above any other that is available to you so that you get an immediate response to your issue instead of one that is delayed 1-2 business days in some instances.

    What If I Am Outside of the United States?

    If you are a JPMorgan Chase customer who lives or travels in Canada or anywhere else outside of the United States, then you also have reporting options. Call at your convenience 1 (302)-594-8200 collect if your accounts are based in the US. For TDD/TTY support for your lost or stolen credit card, you may also call 1 (800) 955-8060 for help.

    For Canadian customers, JPMorgan Chase is the lender of many business branded credit cards that are held. If you have one of these cards that is stolen or lost, then be sure to contact the specific number listed below for assistance.

    • Best Buy Credit Card: English support for a lost or stolen card is at 1 (877) 862-1208. French language support can be found at 1 (877) 862-1209.
    • Best Buy Reward Zone Visa: Call 1 (877) 209-9135 for support in English or 1 (877) 209-9136 for support in French.
    • Chase Gold: All customer support contacts, including stolen cards, can be directed to 1 (888) 502-4273.
    • Future Shop: This credit card offers customer support in English at 1 (877) 862-1214 and in French at 1 (877) 862-1215.
    • Marriot Rewards Visa: Call 1 (866) 557-7811 for help in English and 1 (866) 705-6777 for help in French.

    If your JPMorgan Chase credit card is not one of the branded account cards that is listed above, such as the card or a Sears Department Store credit card, you can check out the full list of customer service options that are available to you through the included link.

    Take Action On Your Account Through Your Dashboard

    If you have discovered that your credit card has been stolen because of charges that you found, but did not make, it is important that you begin to dispute these charges immediately. JPMorgan Chase allows you to dispute these charges online if you wish. You may also call the customer support line for the card you have to dispute charges on the phone.

    You may need to send in hardcopy documentation to support any dispute or confirm the report of a lost or stolen card. To do this, you can either fax this information to 1 (888) 643-9624 or mail it directly to cardmember services. You’ll find that address in the Chase customer service link that is based on your location.

    By taking these steps, you can protect your current and future financial assets. Report any card as soon as possible, even if you just suspect it to be stolen, and dispute charges that are not your own right away. That way you’ll never have to pay for something that is not your fault.


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