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Ann Taylor MasterCard Review

    Founded in 1954 in New Haven, Connecticut, Ann Taylor is an upscale clothing retailer that caters to affluent career women. The chain falls under the umbrella of Ascena Retail Group, which also includes LOFT, Lou & Grey, and Ann Taylor Factory stores. Ann Taylor specializes in higher-end clothing, and their selection includes suits, dresses, separates, shoes, and accessories. Various special collections have been part of the Ann Taylor lineup, including Ann Taylor Celebrations (color-matched special collections), Ann Taylor Beauty (fragrance and bath and body products), and LOFT Maternity.

    Sign Up for the Ann Taylor Store Card

    The Ann Taylor card brings numerous bonuses for those who like to shop at their stores. For example, points can be redeemed for in-store savings, special birthday gift coupons are given. This retailer loves to reward their loyal shoppers with a solid store credit card. Managing your account is easy with online access, so you can handle your transactions, change your personal info, and make payments, all from your smartphone or laptop.

    First off, cardholders earn a 15% discount on their first purchase charged to the card, and the first Tuesday of every month, cardmembers also enjoy an exclusive 15% off all purchases. Added perks include 5 reward points earned for each dollar charged on the card at any of the Ann Taylor brands and 500 points that unlock access to a $5 reward. You also gain access to double bonus days, twice annually, when you choose the days to double up. Standard shipping is free when shopping online, with qualifying purchases of $75 or more.

    The store-issued Ann Taylor card is a standard retail card: it can only be used to purchase products from this company either in-store or online. You can also apply for the Ann Taylor Mastercard, which offers the same flexibility as other credit cards while still earning reward points like the store card.

    In fact, with the Ann Taylor Mastercard, customers gain access to a $20 reward after their first purchase (outside one of their brands, and within 60 days of opening the account). They also gain access to 2 reward points for every dollar charged at grocery or gas stations, and 1 point for every dollar charged anywhere else.

    How to Apply for an Ann Taylor Store Card or Mastercard

    Sign up today to take advantage of all the great benefits. View more information about the Ann Taylor MasterCard.


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