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Banana Republic Store Credit Card Review

    Banana Republic was founded in 1978 as the “Banana Republic Travel & Safari Clothing Company.” Since, they have expanded to over 600 stores, as well as toning down their safari theme to pursue a more upscale image. Throughout the late 70s, Banana Republic was known for its hand-drawn catalogs, which came complete with fictional travel stories associated with each item. Banana Republic currently sells more upscale clothing for men and women. Their catalog includes everything from suits and dresses to shoes and accessories. Banana Republic collections include BR Monogram, Sunday, and Heritage.

    Banana Republic Store Card

    Get approved for a Banana Republic Card and enjoy some great benefits, special offers, and easy-to-redeem rewards with every purchase at the store, and other Gap Inc. brands, which include The Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, and Hill City stores. Signing up gives clients a special 25% discount on their first purchase, and bonus reward points for enrolling in paperless billing, or for subscribing to Gap Inc. emails.

    Customers earn five points for every dollar charged at Banana Republic, and any other Gap Inc. brand (see above). Earn $5 in rewards for every 500 points collected, and this can be redeemed at any Gap Inc. brand. Cardholders gain access to exclusive offers and sales before the public does, and receipts are never needed with returns if you use your Banana Republic credit card. You also get one “Choose Your Own Sale Day” each year, fraud liability coverage on all purchases, and 20% bonus points every three months. Lastly, there is no annual fee, members gain access to free 3-to-5-day shipping on online purchases, and a surprise birthday gift is given each year!

    The Banana Republic store card is a retail charge card, only useful to purchase products from their retail locations or Gap Inc. brand stores. If you want greater flexibility with your credit card, you should think about applying for the Banana Republic Visa card, which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. What is even better is that the Visa card will still earn all the great rewards you get when shopping at Banana Republic, as well as their sister stores. Plus, you are given sales and promos exclusively offered by Visa.

    With a Banana Republic Visa Card, you still earn 5 points per dollar spent at any Banana Republic and Gap Inc. brand stores; however, you can also earn 1 point per dollar spent anywhere else you use your Visa card. 

    How to Sign Up for a Banana Republic Store Credit Card

    If you are ready to take advantage of the exclusive, money-saving offers only available to Banana Republic cardholders, sign up now! Applying is easy, and the entire process can be completed online in minutes. View more information about The Banana Republic Visa Card.


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