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Barnes & Noble MasterCard Review

    Barnes & Noble bookstores emerged from a long legacy of booksellers and printers, beginning in 1886 when Gilford Clifford Noble was first employed at the Arthur Hinds & Company bookstore in New York City. Through decades of partnerships, moves, and exchanges of ownership, the modern Barnes & Noble was born. Most famously, Barnes & Noble remains one of the United States’ thriving booksellers. While the sales of paperback and hardcover books have seen a decline since the advent of e-readers, Barnes & Noble has remained competitive with a modernized product mix that includes digital media, music, games, and electronics. 

    Get Your Barnes & Noble MasterCard Today

    Want to earn 5% cash back on your Barnes & Noble purchases? Signing up for the B&N Mastercard gives you the chance … as well as many other benefits! Your card includes a free year of Barnes & Noble membership (after spending $7,500 annually on the card), and the ability to earn points on purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. 

    Since this card is not a store-only retail credit product, it has much to offer its cardholders. The ability to use the B&N Mastercard at nearly any retailer or online store means that you can quickly earn rewards and make the most of card ownership.

    The 5% cashback incentive includes all Barnes and Noble spending, whether that be at a location or online, as well as NOOK & NOOK downloads and whether the items you are purchasing are discounted or not. 

    In addition to the instant 5% cash-back on B&N purchases, cardholders will receive a $25 store gift card as a welcome offer after their first purchase is charged, and then receive one automatically every time they collect 2,5000 points when shopping. Two points are earned for all restaurant spending, and one point is earned on all other charges. It is important to note, both these spending point rewards exclude any charges on Barnes and Noble Café purchases, or any Barnes and Noble spending on the card. The card has no annual fee.

    How to Sign Up for a Barnes & Noble MasterCard

    There is no better way to reap the rewards when shopping at your favourite bookstore, so why not sign up today? Click the link below to see all the great rewards and to apply for your credit card. View more information about the Barnes & Noble MasterCard.


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