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Bealls Credit Card Review

    Bealls Florida is a retail chain based out of Bradenton, Florida in the United States. When the store first opened in 1915, it was simply a dry goods dollar store with the name The Dollar Limit. Inflation and changing times eventually spurred the founding family to turn the store into a chain of Bealls Department Stores, and they have been growing throughout America’s Southeast communities, since. It is important to note, that while they do share a name, Bealls Florida is not affiliated with Bealls Texas.

    Bealls Florida Products

    Both Bealls and Bealls Outlet stores sell clothing, accessories, and footwear. Bealls also sells products for the home, including bed and bath supplies. 

    Apply for Bealls Florida Credit Card

    Customers with a Bealls store credit card simply get more from their shopping experience. The Bealls credit card is a retail charge card that can be used in any Bealls or Bealls Outlet store. Keep in mind that, unlike a standard credit card, the Bealls card cannot be used in other locations such as gas stations or grocery stores. The card still carries a revolving line of credit and an APR in the standard range of most store cards at 24.99%.

    In 2017, Bealls Florida updated its rewards program to offer its loyal client base that much more when shopping at these stores. If the Bealls Florida credit card is used the first day of opening it, a 20% discount on that purchase is given. With a customer loyalty system linked to the card, clients who are enrolled in the Bealls Coast2Coast Rewards program earn double the points, with 2 points earned for every $1 spent. Once customers accumulate 200 points, they are given a $5 reward as well as a “birthday bonus” given on a birthday month.

    It’s important to note the maximum redemption in one calendar month is $50 in rewards, which is 2,000 points. Points earned can be rolled over to the next month.

    Add “Gold Status” to your Bealls Florida store credit card account when you spend a minimum of $500 or more on your account in a year. Doing so gives you access to free standard shipping when shopping online at

    Manage your balance and account online, where you can also make payments. Credit card payments can also be made on the phone, or via mail; however, if you do decide to pay through mail, ensure the cheque is sent early enough to hit your statement deadline, as it can take 5 to 7 days to process. This will help you to avoid any late fees.

    How to Sign Up for a Bealls Florida Credit Card

    Applying for the Bealls store card is easy and can be done entirely online. For more information about the new and improved rewards program, as well as access to the online application form, check out the link below.

    View more information about the Bealls Florida Credit Card.


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