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Best Buy Visa Card Review

    Best Buy is an electronics retailer that has won numerous awards during its rise to become one of America’s most popular stores. The Best Buy brand also operates the Geek Squad, Pacific Sales, and Magnolia Audio Video. Best Buy sells a full range of consumer electronic products, video games, appliances, TVs, and car audio equipment. The retailer produces eight house brands, including RocketFish, Modal, Dynex, and Magnolia Home Theater. Best Buy also sells cellular phones and plans for Verizon, AT&T, Boost Mobile, and others. 

    My Best Buy Store Card Signup

    My Best Buy offers a unique store credit card with great benefits to loyal shoppers, including a special sign-up bonus. You’ll get 10% cash back in rewards on your first card purchase and enjoy the convenience of online account management for as long as you use your credit card. 

    Another great benefit of the My Best Buy store card is the flexible financing on charges, which is a great way to purchase those large electronics or appliances that you’ve been thinking about. In fact, the store currently is promoting a limited time offer on 18-month financing on anything across the store that is $499 or higher, when using the store card. 

    If you do not require financing, you still earn 5% cash back in rewards on whatever you charge in the store. Upgrade to an Elite Plus Best Buy Store Credit Card and earn even more by gaining access to 6% in cash-back rewards. Please note, you need to charge a minimum of $500+ on your Best Buy store card to become an Elite Plus member.

    Another option, sign up for the My Best Buy Visa Credit Card.  There are some differences between the store card and this option. While the latter can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, the store card is only usable when purchasing from Best Buy either online or in one of their many locations.

    With that said, the My Best Buy Visa Card also provides enhanced opportunities to gain rewards. In addition to the 5 (or 6) percent cash back you earn on purchases at a Best Buy store, you get 3% cash back on gas purchases, 2% on groceries and dining, and 1% on any other purchases. This rewards Visa card also has a limited time offer: customers can collect 10% cash back on purchases made at a pharmacy, as well as 5% cash back on wholesale club purchases. 

    Payments to either card can be made online, by mail, via the phone, or even by text when you connect your mobile device to your account.

    How to Sign Up

    If you are ready to get your own My Best Buy Credit Card or My Best Buy Visa Card, now’s the time! Click the links below for all the details to sign up.

    View more information about the My Best Buy Credit Card and My Best Buy Visa Card.


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