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BJ’s Perks MasterCard Review

    BJ’s Wholesale Club is a warehouse club chain that operates across the United States. This membership-only retailer offers numerous benefits to its shoppers, including discount pricing, access to wholesale products, and acceptance of most manufacturer’s coupons. The wholesale store markets a variety of consumer products and groceries, including house brands like Berkley-Jensen and Wellesley Farms. Additional products include organic and natural food brand companies such as Kerrygold, Kashi, Newman’s Own, and American Flatbread.

    The Benefits of a BJ’s Perks MasterCard

    The co-branded BJ’s credit product from Mastercard allows you to purchase goods and services anywhere that accepts Mastercard, worldwide, earning a minimum of 1% in cashback rewards from out-of-store purchases. Reward perks are enhanced within BJ’s locations and gas stations, earning between 3% to 5% cashback on in-store spending, and 10 cents off per gallon of gas. 

    There are two cards to choose from, each providing some incredible rewards in addition to the above. The BJ’s Perks Plus Mastercard, earns 3% cashback on most in-store purchases, while members of the BJ’s Perk Elite Mastercard gain access to 5% back on most purchases inside the store. Both cards provide 2% cashback rewards on dining and 1% cashback on everything else that is charged on the card. BJ’s also offers special in-store cash back rewards events throughout the year for customers to capitalize on. 

    Cashback rewards are redeemed electronically in $10 increments while checking out with a BJ’s cashier. It’s important to note that rewards do expire in six months. Customers must contact the company’s Member Care Center (1-800-BJS-CLUB) to request their cashback rewards before a check is sent; this must be done before rewards expire.

    The good news is that your credit card becomes your membership card, and there is no additional annual fee; however, you must be a member of BJ’s to apply. Therefore, the Perks Plus is offered with a BJ’s $50 membership, while the Elite goes hand-in-hand with a $100 BJ’s membership.

    Once you get your Perks Plus or Elite card, your BJ’s store membership is automatically renewed, and simply billed to your Mastercard in the future. You get a $10 membership discount with the Perks Plus each year, and a $25 membership discount with the Elite, which is a significant saving.

    Clients with the BJ’s Perks Mastercard can manage their account online by checking balances and due dates, as well as making payments. 

    How to Sign Up for a BJ’s MasterCard

    To apply for these cards, simply visit BJ’s online application site. This is a more convenient option than applying in the store, and processing is normally immediate so you can find out if you are approved right away!

    View more information about the BJ’s Perks Elite MasterCard and BJ’s Perks Plus MasterCard


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