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Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Review

    Bloomingdale’s is an American luxury department store owned by Macy’s Inc. The store opened its first iconic New York location in 1886, with phenomenal growth that followed, spurred on by events such as the opening of Central Park and the dedication of the New St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Bloomingdale’s markets high-end clothing and accessories, as well as footwear, jewelry, and handbags. Specializing in upscaled designer wares, the retailer caters to the affluent, as emphasized by their prominent location in New York City itself. 

    Bloomingdale’s Bloomie’s Card

    Bloomingdale’s offers credit card options. Most popular is their credit product simply called the Bloomie’s card. It is linked to their “Loyalist” rewards program, which allows clients to earn and redeem points every time they make in-store purchases. For every dollar spent at Bloomingdale’s, customers receive 3 points, with double points (6 for each dollar spent) on cosmetics, fragrances, and shoes. A total of 5,000 points earns a $25 reward that can be redeemed within Bloomingdale’s … no exclusions!

    Bloomie’s credit cardholders also gain access to free online shipping via, double and triple point events, 2 different “choose your own” triple point days throughout the calendar year, and a “perk” of the month special offer.

    With that said, the Bloomie’s American Express card offers the above rewards and so much more. The credit card may be used outside of Bloomingdale’s and gains 3 points on every dollar spent on other purchases. 

    In fact, customers who charge over $3,500 annually on a Bloomie’s Amex card, gain access to the “Top of the List” Bloomingdale’s rewards program! Cardholders in this bracket increase their rewards within Bloomingdale’s with 4 points for every dollar spent within the store and 8 points earned for double-point items like shoes, fragrances, and cosmetics. Bloomie’s Amex clients also get bumped up to 4 events annually as triple point days. Plus, they gain access to offers and events exclusively for “Top of the List” members (only), and early access to Bloomingdale Friends and Family promotions. Finally, they receive free local delivery on in-store purchases over $28.00, and complimentary gift wrapping on any items purchased.

    The Bloomie’s Amex card also opens up a world of exclusive American Express offers for concerts, shopping, dining, and more. Membership certainly does have its privileges.

    How to Sign Up for a Bloomie’s Credit Card or Bloomie’s American Express

    Applying for any of the available Bloomie’s credit cards is easy. Just visit the store’s online application site by following the link below.

    View more information about the Bloomingdale’s Credit Card.

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    Christopher - BSc, MBA

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