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Costco Anywhere Visa® Card Review

    Costco Wholesale is the second largest retailer in the world, and the largest membership warehouse club in the US. Based out of the state of Washington, Costco began as a single warehouse in 1983 and has since expanded to over 700 warehouses in ten countries. This retailer focuses on the high-volume sale of bulk items, usually to large households or businesses. While Costco locations are filled to the brim with products, it’s interesting to note that a typical warehouse will only stock about 3700 unique items – this is largely motivated by economy of scale, as Costco will not stock multiple brand names of the same product as most retailers do.

    Costco Membership

    You must join Costco by purchasing a membership. Only Costco members can purchase items from a Costco location, with exceptions in some states for gasoline, optometry, pharmaceuticals, and certain other services. Guests of members can shop in Costco but are not permitted to pay — with the exception of non-members using a Costco Cash Card (in some areas.)

    Costco Store Credit Card

    The following Visa cards are exclusive to Costco members and include great cash-back opportunities. If you are a regular shopper at Costco, these cards may bring you some of the best reward perks available, especially with the relatively low interest rates that usually are included. How good are these rewards? How does up to 4% cashback on eligible gas, 3% on eligible restaurants and travel, and 2% on all Costco and purchases sound? It is a competitive spread…and cardholders still get 1% cashback on all other purchases!

    Costco offers two versions of their Anywhere card, each tailored for personal or business use. If you’re a Costco member and you’re looking for a card that offers amazing rewards, don’t hesitate to check it out.

    View more information about the Costco Anywhere Visa® Credit Card and Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card.


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