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Dick’s Sporting Goods: The Dick’s Scorecard Credit Card Review

    Dick’s Sporting Goods began humbly as a small bait and tackle shop in Binghampton, New York. Started by the store’s namesake, Dick Stack, the store evolved to include multiple locations and an expanded product line. By the late 1990s, there were Dick’s stores throughout upstate New York, and now there are over 600 locations throughout the United States. Dick’s products still center around sporting goods with a strong focus on camping and fishing supplies, true to the original nature of the business. Their stores — including subsidiary stores like Field & Stream and Golfsmith — are major competitors to Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, which carry similar lines of merchandise. 

    Getting the Dick’s Scorecard Credit Card or Dick’s Scorecard Mastercard

    Frequent shoppers at Dick’s Sporting Goods will enjoy making the most of Dick’s Scorecard Credit Card. Also usable at Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy, this retail charge card gives shoppers exclusive benefits with no annual fee. 

    There are two options with Dick’s Scorecard Credit Card, and both are linked to the brand’s customer loyalty rewards program, referred to as the “Scorecard”. First off, there’s the in-store Scorecard credit card, which earns two rewards points for every dollar spent at the above stores, and a $10 reward when 300 points are collected. Cardholders also gain access to triple points on any single purchase, each year, and get to pick the day to do this. This equals out to a $10 reward value for every $100 charged on the card. 

    Dick’s Scorecard in-store credit card also provides clients with special 12-month financing options for purchases over $399 and access to special sales, giveaways, and coupons. Added benefits include a faster checkout experience while shopping in-person and learning first about new products and exclusive gear.

    The welcome offer to the card provides clients with additional choices: either opt for three-times the points on their first in-store purchase the day they open the account or take advantage of special financing for qualifying purchases.

    If you love the idea of earning Dick’s rewards, but want a credit product with increased flexibility, consider the Scorecard Mastercard. Gain access to all the above benefits, and also earn 1 point for every $3 spent on the card, anywhere Mastercard is accepted. 

    The rewards collected can be redeemed for in-store or online purchases by providing a redemption code during checkout. Redeem three rewards for an in-store purchase, or two during an online shopping transaction. Rewards can not be used towards gift certificates, gift cards, sales tax, or store credit. You can also track your Scorecard rewards via Dick’s mobile app.

    How to Sign Up for a Dick’s Scorecard Credit Card

    To skip the wait at the store and get the fastest approval, sign up online for this store card. Approval turnaround is fast, and the application process takes only a few minutes via Dick’s website.

    For more information, visit Dick’s Scorecard and Score Rewards Credit Card.


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