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Home Depot Consumer and Commercial Cards Review

    Home Depot is recognized throughout the United States as a home improvement, big-box retailer, and DIY center. Their stores are in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. Home Depot’s headquarters can be found in Cobb County, Georgia. Since its creation, Home Depot has been steadily growing, based on its premise to operate the largest home-improvement superstores on the market while staying true to the founders’ values and ideals.

    Home Depot Products

    Home Depot offers a giant selection of tools, materials, and other necessities for building, crafting, and repair tasks. Lumber, metal supplies, and fencing are common materials, as well as landscaping supplies and gardening tools. 

    Home Depot Credit Cards

    Home Depot features both consumer and commercial credit card products that allow shoppers to extend their budgets when buying supplies for home repairs and improvements. It’s important to note that these store cards cannot be used anywhere but Home Depot locations and websites, as they are not traditional credit cards.

    The Home Depot Consumer credit card provides personal clients with six months of financing on purchases of $299+ with no interest charged, and with up to 24 months of financing with special promotions. There is one year for returns, which is four times longer than for a non-cardholder.

    The consumer “Project Loan” credit card offers fixed monthly payments on project loans of up to $55,000 for materials needed, and an extension of six months to purchase everything needed. There are no annual fees on the card, and flexibility in the “pay off” period.

    Home Depot also provides commercial credit card options. Their “Commercial Revolving Charge Card” offers flexible and low payments each month for business owners, and access to more than one card so that trusted employees can purchase things needed for a commercial project if the owner or manager is not around. Itemized statements make it easy to view what has been bought monthly, and online statements are available to maintain the account at any time, and from anywhere (as long as Wi-Fi is available). Plus, it provides access to fuel savings discounts.

    The Home Depot “Commercial Account” is another credit option for businesses. It provides access to the many benefits from the “Revolving Charge” including extra cards, fuel savings, itemized and online statements but   with some differences between the two. First off, payment is due in full every month, but there is a 60 days interest-free period with each purchase, and immediate invoices.

    How to Sign Up for a Consumer or Commercial Charge Card

    Applying for these in-store credit cards is easy. Use the following link, choose the card that suits you best, and spend a few minutes filling out the online application! In most cases, approval occurs within moments.

    For more information, visit Home Depot Consumer Credit Card.


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