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Kohls Charge Card Review

    Kohl’s is an American retail store chain based out of Wisconsin. Like many large modern retailers, Kohl’s began as a small corner store, with its first location opening its doors in 1927. Since that humble beginning, Kohl’s has grown to become the second-largest department store chain in the US based on retail sales. This retailer sells the full lineup of department store fare, including clothing, shoes, bedding, housewares, and small appliances. Their clothing selection has included products from designers such as Vera Wang, Peter Som, and Narciso Rodriguez.

    Kohl’s Charge Card

    The Kohl’s charge card is a retail shopping charge card, and unlike regular credit cards, it can only be used to buy Kohl’s merchandise. The amount of money offered as credit, will depend on your credit score but the amount is typically $300 but up to $3,000.  As a charge card, the credit balance is supposed to be paid in full each month – as is the nature of shopping cards. You can carry a balance from month to month, but expect a variable annual percentage rate (APR) of around 24.24%.  On the plus side, this card doesn’t come with an annual fee.

    Open a Kohl’s Charge card to enjoy all the benefits whether shopping online or in their stores. Pay your bill online and easily access transactions and statements through their convenient portal. The Kohl’s Charge card entitles holders to 12 or more special offers every year. You can become a Most Valuable Kohl’s Customer by spending a total greater than $600 throughout the calendar year.  This would allow you to receive an additional six discount offers.

    Here are five advantages that you get immediately if you are approved for this Kohl’s line of credit.

    Get Notified

    #1. All customers who have a Kohls card will receive an advance notice about any sales events that are exclusive to cardholders. You’ll receive these notifications in your mailbox. These exclusive events will allow you to save money throughout the year and shop with other cardholders, allowing you to get the first crack sometimes at brand-new merchandise.

    Save $120 Annually

    #2. Throughout the year, Kohls card holders are given opportunities to save $10. This happens at least 12 times per year. If a cardholder would take advantage of all of the additional discounts that are provided to them, they would save $120 on their shopping bill annually. This amount can be even more if there are additional discounts that are sent throughout the year.

    Discount Applies to all Sales

    #3. Kohls card holders do not have to limit themselves to merchandise at full price to receive discounts. All of the discounts that are available to cardholders apply to all sales items. The discounts even apply to items that are on the clearance racks.

    No Annual Fee

    #4. The Kohls card has no annual fee. It also has competitive interest rates, especially when compared to other department store credit cards.

    Be an MVC

    #5. If you spend $600 at Kohl’s during the year, then you become an MVC shopper. There are additional discounts in multiple departments and MVC customers also receive a special quarterly newsletter.

     The Kohls charge card offers a number of great benefits. If you shop at this store, then you should consider applying for this line of credit.

    How to Sign Up for a Kohl’s Store Charge Card

    Applying for this card is simple. Just head over to the online Kohl’s application portal and get started!


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