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Menards BIG Card Review

    Menards operates a chain of home improvement stores in the United States. The third-largest chain of its kind in the nation, the retailer is largely centralized in the Midwestern U.S. The company was founded by John Menard, Jr., an experienced builder, and entrepreneur, who expanded the retail business over several years, growing it from his original business of constructing post-frame buildings. This retailer largely markets home improvement products, tools, and construction materials. Like its major competitors, Home Depot and Lowe’s, Menards caters mostly to DIY-oriented consumers and contractors. In some of Menards’ largest locations, the retailer has expanded its product line to include groceries, a noteworthy departure from the business models followed by its competitors.

    The Menards BIG Card

    Menards has a plethora of in-store credit card options for customers looking to renovate their homes, businesses, as well as something specific for contractors who outsource their services. With a focus on in-store rebates and financing, these cards are only accepted at Menards stores. But they still offer many perks and value.

    The Menards BIG card is geared toward the everyday consumer, potentially looking to help finance a renovation project for their home. Options of this card include a 2% rebate on day-to-day purchases; six-month financing for charges that hit $299+; or a 48-month financing option for charges that exceed $1,500.

    The Menards Commercial credit card focuses on businesses. It offers flexible options for billing, which can include monthly statements or Net 50 invoicing. Added authorized cards for trusted employees are also available at no added fee.

    Contractors should consider Menards. Their “Contractor” credit card is targeted at professionals looking to manage their business by maximizing savings on purchases for their company. The credit card offers a 2% rebate, as well as manufacturer rebates exclusive to cardholders. Added authorized user cards are available at no additional cost, plus, earn rewards points through their “Buy ‘N Fly” program.

    Cardholders collect one “Buy ‘N Fly” credit for each dollar spent at Menards while using their “Contractor” credit card. Once 30,000 credits have been collected, they are eligible to receive a round-trip airline voucher, each year, valued at $300. 

    Rebates earned via credit cards are distributed as certificates, which can only be spent at Menards stores.

    Download the Menards App to view your account online, as well as shop for items needed.

    How to Sign Up for a BIG Card from Menards

    The following link will take you to Menards online application portal. Choose from the company’s different credit card options, based on your specific needs, then fill out the form, and submit! It should only take you a few minutes to see if you are approved!

    For more information, visit Menards BIG Card and Menards Contractor Card.


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