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Sears Credit Card Review

    Many people in the past have applied for and received a Sears card. This department store card makes purchasing within the store or online a simple and easy process. If you’re tired of the high fees and lack of rewards that come with the basic card, however, then it might be time to upgrade to a Sears MasterCard. Not only do you receive lots of coupons and monthly savings with this account, but there are a series of additional advantages that only the Sears MasterCard by Citibank can provide.

    Advantage #1: You can shop anywhere with your Sears MasterCard.

    Unlike the department store version of the Sears card, the MasterCard version can be used at any store. You can use it to shop anywhere that MasterCard credit cards are accepted. This gives you the flexible spending power that you need to pay your bills, make online purchases, or take care of an emergency situation.

    Advantage #2: You receive all of the exclusive benefits that come from MasterCard.

    There are two key benefits that MasterCard branded credit cards carry with them:
    The first is a zero dollar liability on any unauthorized purchases. If you are reviewing your statement and you notice that there is a purchase that you did not authorize, then you can dispute this charge. If you did not make it, then there is no liability on your part to pay for even a portion of that cost.

    The second benefit is that you qualify for purchase assurance coverage. This is an insurance policy that covers the quality of the merchandise that you purchase. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a product and it cannot be returned or is not covered by a warranty, then you still may be able to get portion or all of your purchasing cost refunded.

    Advantage #3: You may be able to transfer balances. Some Sears MasterCards include balance transfer options. Although they are subject to credit approval, you can receive introductory interest rates that can help you save some money on existing debt. You can transfer this money online by signing up for account services. In the Tools and Services menu, choose the appropriate offer and then follow the instructions so you can benefit from this advantage.

    Advantage #4: You receive a higher level of protection

    Because the Sears MasterCard is associated with Citibank, your account will also qualify for Citibank’s Identity Theft Solutions. This will provide you with an expert level of help if you ever need to have assistance in restoring your identity. This is a free service and includes proactive credit monitoring and free advice on how to complete reports that may be necessary if your identity is stolen.

    With access to helpful online tools, the ability to make purchases anywhere that MasterCard is accepted, and exclusive sales opportunities at a Sears store, the Sears MasterCard is a line of credit that provides a number of tremendous advantages. Put them to work for you today by applying for this card.

    Sears Canada

    Sears offers Canadian consumers three different cards – the Sears Financial Mastercard, the Sears Card (which can only be used in Sears stores) and the Sears Financial Voyage Mastercard. Each of these has three key components that we will explore – the reward incentive, the annual fee and the interest rate.


    • Each card earns Sears Club Points at various rates. The Sears Card earns 2 points for every dollar spent at Sears stores.  The Sears Financial Mastercard earns 2 points for every dollar spent at Sears stores and 1 point for all non-Sears spend.  The Sears Financial Voyage Mastercard earns 3 points for every dollar spent with Sears Travel, 2 points for other Sears spend, and 1 point for all non-Sears spend (except for purchases of gas, groceries and travel which earn 1.5 points per dollar).
    • 1,000 Sears Club Points equates to $10 of free rewards which can be redeemed for almost anything in Sears stores or at Sears online.  An additional option is to donate them to a good cause via the “Sears In Your Community” program.  The Voyage Mastercard allows card holders to use their Points to pay for some, or all, of their Sears Travel purchases, including taxes.
    • New, successful applicants for any of these three cards receive a “Welcome Bonus” of $30 of Sears Club Points. In addition, $25 in Points are earned on the Voyage card with the first purchase.

    Annual Fee

    • The Sears Financial Voyage Mastercard has an annual fee of $39.  There is no annual fee associated with the other two cards.

    Interest Rate

    • The Sears Financial Voyage Mastercard and the Sears Financial Mastercard both have an interest rate of 19.99% per annum.  The interest rate on the Sears card is 29.99% per annum.

    Other Features

    • The Card has the standard Chip and Pin Technology for added security.

    Sears USA

    Sears offers two different cards to consumers in the US: the Sears Card (only valid in the Sears group of stores) and the Sears Mastercard. Each of these have three key components that we will explore – the reward incentive, the annual fee and the interest rate. 


    • Sears US does not offer a Points program, unlike Canada.
    • Cardholders receive advance notice of sales events, and money-saving coupons, if a valid email address is supplied.
    • If you forget your card, but you have ID, cardholders can receive a temporary shopping card to complete their purchases.

    Annual Fee

    • There is no annual fee associated with either card, nor are there fees for additional cards.

    Interest Rate

    • The interest rate on both cards is currently 25.24%, and the Cash Advance rate is 27.15%, however this rate may change depending on changes in the Prime Rate, consistent with the market.

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