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Victoria’s Secret Card Review

    Victoria’s Secret is the largest retailer of women’s lingerie in the United States, and a major retailer of womenswear, beauty products, and accessories. Founded in 1977, the brand was born from an awkward experience of the founder, Roy Raymond, which occurred when he tried to buy lingerie for his wife from a typical department store. He found the shopping experience entirely off-putting and the products lackluster, which prompted him to spend eight years developing the business model for Victoria’s Secret.

    Victoria’s Secret Products

    One of the retailer’s most well-known brands is the “Pink” line, a lingerie and loungewear collection targeted to the store’s younger demographic. The retailer also sells swimwear, and a selection of high-quality bras — including the new, bestselling Victoria’s Secret Sport bra.

    Get a Victoria’s Secret Store Credit Card

    There are lots of reasons for an avid Victoria’s Secret fan to apply for this store credit card. With a bounty of rewards, this retailer makes sure that every cardholder is satisfied with their decision to charge their purchase.

    First off, the Victoria Secret Credit Card is available for fans of the Pink brand in the form of the “Pink Card”. While their names (and looks of the card) may be different, both provide the same rewards and benefits to their loyal customers.

    The “welcome bonus” to these credit cards include $25 off when you open a new account and make your first online purchase with the card. After that, cardholders enjoy earning one point for each dollar charged on their Victoria Secret/Pink credit card. Bra purchases triple the rewards points you get! Collect 250 points in total, and you’ll earn a $10 reward that can be spent at either store.

    But the bonuses don’t stop there. Use your credit card for online orders of $50 or more and get free shipping. Victoria Secret/Pink credit cardholders also receive a birthday gift annually (valued at $10), and a perk of the month exclusive deal.

    These in-store credit cards also offer a tiered system to unleash even more savings. If you spend $250 or more on your Victoria Secret/Pink card, you get “bumped up” to Silver member status. This means that in addition to the above, you get a 15% off discount on your credit card anniversary, plus a “half-way there” birthday gift, valued at $15. If you spend $500 annually on your credit card, you get Gold member status and receive a $15 reward once you collect 250 points, a $15 birthday gift for your special day, as well as a $15 “half-way there” birthday treat, plus 20% off as an “anniversary gift” with your credit card.

    Track your rewards and learn more about the benefits and exclusive offers from your Victoria Secret or Pink credit card by downloading the company’s app, available for iPhone devices. Please note, these are in-store credit cards and can only be used for online or in-person shopping for Victoria Secret and Pink merchandise.

    How to Apply for a Victoria’s Secret Store Credit Card

    Signing up for either the Victoria Secret or Pink credit card is easy! Simply go to their website to read the full details and fill out the online application. It only takes a few minutes, and approvals are processed within moments.

    For more information, visit The Victoria Card and The Pink Card.


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