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Von Maur Charge Card Review

    Von Maur is a unique, upscale department store operating 31 locations within the United States. Among the most noticeable elements of a Von Maur location is the inclusion of a live pianist who performs during operating hours. Their locations typically anchor larger shopping malls or town centers. Offering a wide range of products, Von Maur focuses on clothing and accessories for men, women, and youth. Their clothing lines include Ralph Lauren Polo, Civil Society, Under Armour, and many other well-know brands. Their stores also stock products from designer brands such as COACH, Vera Bradley, and Steve Madden.

    Get a Von Maur Charge Card

    This retailer offers a special store charge account that allows customers to shop at their stores interest-free and with no annual fee. This may sound too good to be true, but the offer is actually straightforward.

    The only catch is that the minimum payments on the Von Maur card are rather large compared to most store cards. For instance, with a balance of roughly $500, one could expect the minimum payment to be over $100. This truly is a no-hidden-costs card, however, and it does allow shoppers to spread payments out over several months without any strings attached.

    How to Sign Up For a Von Maur “Interest Free” Charge Card

    To begin shopping with zero-percent interest, you need only apply online and get approved. The application process is the same as with any other store card, and you’ll find out if you’re approved very quickly.

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