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Carleton University Alumni Credit Card Review

    The Carleton University Alumni Association [CUAA] has worked to develop a number of community relationships and partnerships that ensure alumni have access to some great deals. You can receive discounted rates on some of your insurance needs. Ticket discounts are available for VIA Rail. A relationship with MBNA has also been developed so that alumni can have an easy way to increase how much and how frequently they support their school.

    If you’re an alumni, then you’re invited by the CUAA to apply for the Carleton University credit card. It’s more than just a way to show your love for the Ravens. Each eligible purchase you make with this unique credit card allows MBNA to make a donation to several current student and alumni programs.

    What You Support With the Carleton University Credit Card

    MBNA has offered two different types of credit cards to alumni of Carleton University. You can choose a rewards card that can help you earn points for cash back, charitable donations, or other benefits. You can also choose a Platinum Plus credit card which offers a 0% promotional AIR on balance transfers for the first 10 months of the account. All you need to do is swipe your card to make a purchase. When you do, these four initiatives will receive your support.

    •  The construction of the Alumni Hall and the Sports Centre.
    •  The effort to help bring back Ravens football.
    •  Alumni events that help bring you and your friends back together again in fun and meaningful ways.
    •  Financial aid programs for current and future students who are in need.

    In addition to these specific initiatives, the donations may also be used to contributed directly to the Student Activities Fund. This allows you to get involved with current student projects or initiatives that are happening on-campus right now.

    It isn’t always easy to stay connected to your school as an alumni. Thanks to this credit card offer from MBNA, being connected and helping to support a good cause has never been easier to do.

    Take Advantage of On Campus Discounts As Well

    As an alumni of Carleton University, you also gain access to discounts in over 100 professional programs through the Sprott School of Business. You receive a 10% discount on items you purchase at the University Bookstore. Online journal access and free borrowing privileges stay in effect at the library as well.

    When you make a purchase on campus using these alumni discount opportunities and your new Carleton University credit card from MBNA, you’re effectively supporting your school twice with just one purchase. That’s why this is such an exciting offer!

    If you’d like more information about this credit card opportunity or want to learn more about all of the discounts, offers, and opportunities the CUAA has developed, the link below has everything you’ll need.

    View more information about Carleton University Alumni Credit Card.


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