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Conestoga College Alumni Credit Card Review

    Conestoga College prides itself on its ability to connect life and learning opportunities. If you’re an alumni, then you’re familiar with the innovative courses and degree opportunities that can be found here. The alumni association has worked to develop benefits that are just as unique for after you graduate. One of those benefits is the Conestoga College credit card offered by MBNA. Since 1967, Conestoga College has helped tens of thousands of students through their campus locations and training centres in Cambridge, Waterloo, Ingersoll, and all over the province.

    More than 30,000 students enroll in the college’s continuing education programs each year. When you use the Conestoga College credit card, you get to support more than 200 career-orientated programs and various student initiatives. All it takes is a qualifying purchase.

    How the Conestoga College Credit Card Works

    MBNA has committed to making a donation to the alumni and student initiatives of Conestoga College every time this credit card is used by alumni or their family. To contribute, all you need to do is use your credit card for the purchases you make on a regular basis. It really is that easy.

    If you sign up for an alumni account, then you’ll also receive a number of discounts and services that are not always made available to the general public. This includes discounted tickets for popular attractions throughout Ontario. If you use the Conestoga College credit card to purchase these tickets or services, then you can take your support to an even deeper level.

    Once you’re approved for the new Conestoga Affinity credit card from MBNA, your support for the alumni programs begins immediately. Each new account creates a one-time contribution of $35. You don’t even need to disclose the details of your account to give back to the school.

    You have two options with this offer: a rewards card or a Platinum Plus MasterCard. Both of these credit card accounts contribute to Conestoga College in the same way, so you get to pick the type of credit card that is right for you.

    What You Receive With the Conestoga College Credit Card

    First and foremost, there is no annual account fee associated with the Conestoga College credit card. This is combined with a competitive AIR of 16.99% on purchases with a 21 day grace period. You’ll also receive a promotional balance transfer rate, chip and PIN security protections, and access to PayPass technology with your new account.

    Sometimes as an alumni, you want to give back to your school, but you’re just not in a place where you feel like your contributions would be effective. Thanks to MBNA, a percentage of every purchase you make can add up to a meaningful contribution every year and a good one-time donation gets you started off on the right foot.

    If you’d like to explore more of the benefits this card may offer or see more of the alumni benefits that are available, then Conestoga College has created a page just for you.

    View more information about Conestoga College Alumni Credit Card.


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