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Dalhousie University Alumni Credit Card Review

    With more than 180 degree options, Dalhousie University is the pride and joy of Nova Scotia. Its goal is to foster a culture of respect, which is something that many alumni wish to continue supporting after they’ve received their degree and started their career. One of the fastest and easiest ways that you can enhance your support for your alma mater is to apply for the Dalhousie University credit card.

    Maybe you went to Dalhousie because you were interested in ocean studies. Maybe you were attracted to their culture which promotes respect and positive change. Thanks to this credit card, you can help to support the construction of the new Fitness Centre, the seasonal convocations, and much more as an alumni with the Dalhousie University credit card.

    What You Receive With the Dalhousie University Credit Card

    So whenever you make a qualifying transaction with this school credit card, MBNA makes a contribution toward the alumni programs or student initiatives currently running at Dalhousie University. That is why this could be an easy to stay involved as an alumnus.

    It’s also a MasterCard equipped with PayPass and a number of additional features and promotions, beginning with a 1.99% promotional AIR on balance transfers. This promotional AIR stays in place for the first 10 monthly statement cycles and then switches to the standard AIR of 21.99%, which is the same AIR for access cheques.

    You’ll also receive 19.99% AIR for purchases and 24.99% AIR for cash advances. There is no annual fee associated with this credit card and it qualifies for MBNA Canada’s rewards program.

    As part of the rewards program, the Dalhousie University credit card also offers you 1,000 bonus points when you make your first eligible purchase with your line of credit. You’re also eligible for a 1,000 bonus points on your account anniversary, which is a great bonus to receive.

    Points can then be redeemed for a wide variety of things from the MBNA rewards program. From charitable donations to brand-name items to gift cards at the restaurants or stores you love, there is no limit to the points you can earn or the rewards that you can redeem.

    As the alumni association likes to say, it’s just another reason why it can pay to be a graduate of Dalhousie today.

    Is the Dalhousie University Credit Card Right For You?

    There are low standard rates, the regular schedule of fees, and exciting rewards opportunities with this credit card. It’s a highly competitive financial product that can help you gain the Dalhousie alumni advantage you’ve earned. You, your family, and your friends can choose from a Platinum Plus offer or a standard offer with an offer that has proven integrity.

    You also get to keep using and enjoying all of the services provided by the school while enjoying the beautiful campus.

    If you’ve been thinking about finding additional ways to support the MacEachen Institute or the many student initiatives, this benefit could be an easy way to get started. The link below will take you to more details about this offer.

    View more information about Dalhousie University Alumni Credit Card.


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