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Lakehead University Alumni Credit Card Review

    The beautiful campus of Lakehead is the setting for a world-class education. The goal of this university is simple: to create tomorrow’s leaders by offering modern student-centered courses. Lakehead is host to 9 Canada Research Chairs and state-of-the-art facilities like the Paleo-DNA Laboratory and the Biorefining Research Institute. Lake head offers equally innovative benefits to its alumni. One of those benefits is the Lakehead University credit card which is presented through a partnership with MBNA.

    With this card, alumni

    • Gain access to a credit limit of up to $100k.
    • Receive an account that has no annual fee and offers emergency replacement cards in 48 hours.
    • Enjoy lntroductory AIRs on balance transfers and cash advance cheques.

    The Alumni Association of Lakehead University understands that you need more than a solid line of credit. You also want the opportunity to make meaningful contributions as alumni to your school. That’s why this credit card is such a great opportunity.

    Every Purchase Helps You Give Money to Lakehead University

    When you use your new MBNA credit card for a purchase, you’ll be making a contribution to the alumni programs and student initiatives that are currently in place at Lakehead University. MBNA makes a contribution based on a percentage of your total purchases throughout the year. Maybe you’re interested in establishing a Student Union Alumni Chapter – by using this credit card, you can help to make that happen.

    This credit card isn’t designed to replace the contributions you may already be making to the alumni association. It’s designed to enhance or supplement your current efforts. That’s why it is such an exciting opportunity. You get to give more without needing to spend more or work harder.

    Support the Share It Forward giving program. It provides academic scholarships, bursaries, in-course supports for students, and assistance to the athletics programs. You could use this credit card to setup a monthly gift to this program in any amount and then MBNA will make another contribution based on the total amount given for the year.

    Use This Offer To Enhance Your Other Services and Benefits

    As an alumni of Lakehead University, you have one of the most extensive service and benefit packages available to Canadian graduates right now. From hotel discounts to LU Athletic memberships to ticket discounts to see the Ottawa Senators, there are a number of ways that you can save money. When you use this contribution program from MBNA, you’ll also get to give back as you’re saving.

    If you’d like to know more about the specific MBNA program that lets you give back every time you make a purchase, you’ll find more details about that specific offer through this link:

    At Lakehead University, everyone is invited to engage, celebrate, and share. These opportunities will help you do that in a very meaningful way.

    View more about the Lakehead University Alumni Credit Card.


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