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University of Ottawa Alumni Credit Card Review

    The University of Ottawa might be about the garnet and grey, but Gee-Gee pride goes deeper than a national championship or an academic opportunity. A network of 12 libraries, the museum of antiquities, and a focus on sustainability help to drive students to become better with every coming day. It’s something that sticks with you once you become part of the alumni family. It is also something that many alumni wish to support so future students can benefit from this atmosphere as well.

    That’s where the unique opportunity of the University of Ottawa alumni card can help to fill a need to become more active. With every purchase, you get the chance to donate a portion of that sale to the university. Here are a few things we’ve put together so that you can get to know some of the details of this alumni benefit.

    #1. It helps to support several alumni and student programs. The goal of the alumni association was to create an affinity partnership to help all alumni be able to refresh, reconnect, and rediscover what the University of Ottawa is able to provide through its programs and initiatives. The credit card benefit from MBNA helps to support the Alex Trebek Distinguished Lecture Series, Arts and Engineering Camps, and many more opportunities. The new Free Store is also included in this mix of programs being supported.

    #2. It’s an option for more than just alumni. The University of Ottawa alumni credit card is a benefit which is open to all graduates. It’s also a credit card opportunity that is offered to the family and friends of all alumni as well. The contribution benefits apply to every account that is opened through this opportunity, so everyone you know can help the school you love.

    #3. There are two credit card options with this alumni benefit. As an alumnus, you’re offered the opportunity to have either a University of Ottawa MBNA rewards card or a Platinum Plus card. Each credit card provides contributions to the student and alumni initiatives with each purchase, along with the possibility of a one-time donation when the account is opened. You can have a rewards card or a Platinum Plus card – there is no restriction.

    #4. New accounts through this program may receive promotional AIRs. The promotional interest rates are currently in place for balance transfers that are made on all new accounts within 90 days. Depending on the card you choose with this alumni benefit, you can have a 1.99% or a 0% AIR for up to 10 months.

    #5. There is much more to learn about this opportunity. This affinity partnership is a great way to enhance how you give back to your alma mater, but there is much more to this offer. To review what the current rates happen to be, what the fee structures are, and other more specific details of this benefit, the alumni association has put together a page just for you and we’ve put that link below for your convenience.

    View more information about the University of Ottawa Alumni Credit Card.


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