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Buckle Credit Card Review

    Buckle is a high-end fashion retailer based out of the United States. The company operates over 400 stores across the U.S., and they specialize in trendy, casual apparel for both men and women. Buckle has evolved over the years from a men’s clothier in 1948 (with the second store operating under the name “The Brass Buckle”) to the largely denim-based casual fashion store that it is known as today.

    Buckle Products

    Buckle sells a complete line of casual clothing and accessories. Their catalogue includes shoes, casual shorts, denim, outerwear, and T-shirts. Buckle carries numerous partner brands, including Lucky Brand, American Fighter, Society, Affliction, and Oakley. Over one-third of Buckle’s sales are from their private-label brands.

    Get a Buckle Credit Card

    Currently, Buckle has a loyalty program known as “Buckle Rewards”. It’s free to join, and members receive 1 point for every dollar they spend in the store. Points can be redeemed once you hit 300: customers receive a $10 reward. Your rewards can be redeemed on anything in the store, whether shopping in-person or online. With that said, if you apply for the Buckle store credit card, approval means access to even more rewards, great benefits, and exclusive offers from your favorite clothing retailer, including enhanced ways to earn Buckle points.

    Once you’ve been approved for your new card, you’ll automatically get 10% off your first purchase on the card, as well as 2 points for every dollar you spend in the store. Cardholders also get exclusive flyers and coupons in the mail, special offers, bonus point events, birthday rewards, and free shipping on online orders of $99+.

    Upgrade to Premier+ status on your Buckle Credit Card by spending $1,000 annually (and remaining at that amount year-to-year) to earn even greater rewards. You will continue to enjoy all the above benefits, but also start to earn 3 points for every dollar spent, and all shipping with this card is free for online orders, regardless of the amount.

    To understand the impact of the above reward tiers, a regular Buckles Reward card hold member would have to spend $300 to earn a $10 reward, while a Buckles credit card customer would need to spend $150 for that reward, and a Premier+ Buckles credit card holder would spend only $100 to earn $10 worth of Buckles rewards.

    Lastly, you can make card payments in the store, over the phone, and by mail.

    How to Sign Up for a Buckle Credit Card

    If you are ready to start earning Buckle rewards, you can sign up for your credit card today. Click the link below to compare Buckles cards available. Apply online and skip the trouble of filling out an application for your new card in the store!

    View more information about the Buckle Credit Card.


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