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J. Crew Credit Card Review

    J. Crew is a multi-channel specialty retailer that offers clothing and apparel, accessories, swimwear, denim, jewelry, and many other products through its 450+ stores. J. Crew operates stores throughout the United States and also sells merchandise through wholesale channels, online, mail-order, and outlet stores. J. Crew sells apparel and accessories expected with a large-scale specialty retail chain. Their clothing includes casual and dress clothes for men, women, and youth consumers, as well as swimwear, sleepwear, and undergarments. J. Crew even markets books and toys.

    The J. Crew Store Credit Card

    This charge card includes great rewards and perks: perfect for those who love to frequent J. Crew stores or their website. As it’s not a standard credit card, it can only be used to purchase J. Crew merchandise; however, the benefits of card ownership make it well worthwhile.

    First off, their welcome offer is quite intriguing. Gain an added 15% off the first purchase after opening a J. Crew store credit card. Customers are instantly enrolled in J. Crew’s rewards customer loyalty program, earning double the points of a non-credit cardholder. For every dollar spent and charged on the J. Crew credit card, two points are earned. Collecting 200 points allows customers to get a $5 reward that they can spend in the store; therefore, owning this in-store credit card can also help get J. Crew rewards that much faster.

    Plus, there are other advantages. Gain access to free standard shipping on online purchases throughout the year. J. Crew credit cardholders also are given early and exclusive notice when it comes to special offers and sales for the store, as well as “members-only” events, and a J. Crew birthday surprise on their special day. Standard alterations are also provided to credit cardmembers for free when items are charged on the card.

    In addition to these benefits, J. Crew credit cardholders are given a “members-only” priority customer service line to call. There is no annual fee on the credit card, additional cards for authorized users are available at no added cost, plus account management and payments may be made online.

    It’s important to note that credit accounts must be up-to-date and not in default to access all the extras to this charge card.

    How to Apply for a J. Crew Charge Card

    By following the link below, you will be taken to the online application portal for this card. Fill out and submit it to find out if you are approved. Sign up now, and you could be on your way to great rewards in no time!

    For more information, visit J. Crew Credit Card.


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