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Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card Review

    Lowe’s operates one of the largest home improvement chains in the United States, with over 1,800 stores throughout North America and is second in size only to Home Depot. The brand was founded in 1946 in North Carolina, with the first store (predating the formation of the company proper) opening in 1921. Lowe’s carries a complete assortment of tools, materials, and related products for home improvement and construction. Lowe’s is also a major retailer of home appliances and fixtures. In addition to retail products, Lowe’s also offers installation and home repair services that span a large range of consumer needs.

    Get the Lowe’s Credit Card

    With a Lowe’s credit card, customers can take advantage of special discounts and perks that are only available to cardholders. This is a retail charge card, so it can only be used to buy Lowe’s products, and may not be the right option for consumers who wish to have a more flexible card. With that said, they do offer multiple options to suit the needs of both businesses and homeowners looking to conduct renovations.

    The Lowe’s Advantage Card offers homeowners plenty of options with their credit card. They can choose between 5% off day-to-day spending, special six-month financing on purchases that qualify, or 84 (fixed) monthly payments at a decreased interest rate. They also gain access to exclusive cardholder-only events, and there’s no annual fee with the card. 

    Business owners should consider a Lowe’s Business Credit Card account. Gain access to a 5% discount on daily purchases and prepaid account options or larger lines of credit. Business owners with the card are given discounts on delivery, with convenient invoicing and billing options, as well as cardholder events that are exclusive to “members only”. Multiple cards are issued at no additional cost so that trusted employees can also make purchases.

    Managing and maintain a credit card account, whether a personal or business client, is easy with Lowe’s. Go online to track purchases, look at statements, and make payments; or simply download the Lowe’s app to do all of the above. There is also a toll-free customer service number that clients can access, should any questions arise on the account.

    How to Sign Up for a Lowe’s Advantage Card

    Click on the below link to Lowe’s website. There, you can fill out an online application after choosing the card that is best for your needs. Applying is fast and simple, and approval is usually determined right away.

    For more information, visit Lowe’s Advantage Card.


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