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Office Depot / Office Max Store Cards Review

    Office Depot is an American office supply retailer that was founded in 1986. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Office Depot operates nearly 2,000 retail locations, as well as e-commerce channels and business-to-business distribution. In 2013, Office Depot merged with OfficeMax in an all-stock deal, thus adding the competitor to their portfolio of brands. Office Depot sells a full range of office supplies, from consumables to furniture, and more. Their stores typically stock consumer electronics — including laptops and cell phones — along with business-oriented products such as commercial copiers.

    Their furniture line is suitable for both home and office, and Office Depot also carries accessories such as briefcases and laptop bags. The company is proud of its Green initiatives and sells over 6,000 products with some manner of environmental certification.

    The Benefits of an Office Depot / Office Max Credit Card

    Office Depot offers multiple credit card choices, each suited to different needs. Whether you are a customer looking for everyday supplies for your home office, or a small or larger business, you’ve got credit options at Office Depot/Office Max. It’s important to note, all these cards are in-store credit products that can only be used at Office Depot or Office Max locations, online, or over the phone.

    Their “Personal Credit Account” offers 6 months of no-interest financing on select purchases, along with online account management, which includes shopping, viewing, and payments on your account. You can use it for online shopping, in-store purchases, or for buying items over the phone or fax. Credit cardholders also gain access to added cards for authorized users at no extra cost.  

    Meanwhile, their “Business Credit Account” card is perfect for smaller companies that need to carry a balance. This card has a “welcome offer” attached to it, where you save $50 when you make a $150+ first purchase, plus exclusive access to discounts, sneak previews, and added offers. Much like the personal credit card, this one offers multiple cards at no extra cost for authorized users, online account management, and the ability to purchase items via the web, in-store, over the phone, or via fax. There’s no fee attached to this Office Depot/Office Max store credit card.

    Lastly, for larger companies that cannot carry a balance and require departmental tracking of purchases, there is the “Business Account with Full Balance Due Terms”. You get all the advantages of the regular “Business Credit Account”, (minus the $50 “welcome offer), as well as the “exclusive” discounts and promotions. Payments need to be paid in full each month. There is also a spending minimum monthly.

    How to Sign Up for an Office Depot / Office Max Store Card

    The link below offers an easy way to apply for your credit card of choice. The application and approval process are fast and simple. Be sure to select the card option that best suits your individual needs.

    For more information, visit Personal Credit Account and Business Credit Account.


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