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How to Contact Scotiabank Customer Service?

    Scotiabank wants to provide account holders with the highest level of customer care possible. To accommodate your needs, the customer service department of Scotiabank is open 24/7 and can be reached in a wide variety of ways. For those who prefer to use social media, Scotiabank customer service can be contacted through Twitter by sending a message to @ScotiabankHelps. For general customer care needs, Scotiabank has a 24/7 toll-free number setup to field your calls.

    Contact 1 (800) 4SCOTIA [1 (800) 472-6842] with questions or concerns that you may have. In the greater Toronto area, you may also call (416) 701-7200 if you prefer. TTY account holders may contact customer care at $1 (800) 645-0288 to have their needs met.

    For general questions, Scotiabank has also created a helpful web resource that allows individuals to search specific topics to find answers. This search is available on the primary customer service portal.

    If you have walked into your local Scotiabank branch and have not received a satisfactory resolution to your complaint, then you are invited to contact the President or the Ombudsman for Scotiabank to have your matter resolved. You can reach these officials at the following email addresses:

    There are also direct mail and telephone lines to reach these specific offices to find resolution. You may also use direct mail to contact the specific customer service center or branch of Scotiabank where your customer service issue lies.

    Scotiabank is committed to resolving your problems quickly and effectively. Use this contact information today to begin solving your issue.


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