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Menards Credit Card Review

    Whether you are a contractor or a home improvement specialist, there is a Menards credit program that works for you. The average household should choose the Menards credit card that is called the Big card. This program is perfect for the DIY homeowner and can be used at any Menards store or an affiliated retailer. Contractor cards and commercial accounts are also available. The rewards that can be found on the Menards credit card are distributed every quarter.

    The Menards Credit Card is Based on Rewards

    You will receive 2% on all of your purchases at Menards. In addition to this 2% cash back, you will also receive an additional 1% off on specific brands that you purchased in the store. Using the Menards network of fueling stations, you can also save an additional 1% on your gasoline and merchandise purchased at specific convenience stores.

    When you use your Big card to purchase fuel, you will also save 5 cents on every gallon of gas if you purchase that fuel at a Holiday gas station. The fuel benefit does not apply to other partner stores, but the 1% discount on fuel and merchandise does apply.

    In addition to these benefits, there is a $10 rebate which is issued after you spend $100 on your Menards credit card. You will also have access to rebates from manufacturers that are exclusive to Menards. If you do a lot of home improvement work, and shop at Menards, then this card may be for you.

    Where Can You Apply For a Menards Credit Card?

    The easiest way to apply for the Big card is to do so online. You will need to fill out specific information about yourself so that your identity can be confirmed. If you do not want to put personal information onto the Internet, it is also possible to apply for a new Menards credit card at an in-store kiosk. You may be required to show personal identification that confirms your identity.

    If you are waiting to hear back about the status of your application, you can also request an update. You will just need to have your Social Security number on hand and provide Menards with your ZIP Code. Everything that you put online in your application or request is encrypted and secure.

    As a final benefit, you may wish to sign up for their online customer care solutions. With your online account, you can view all of your statements, receive email alerts, and always know when your account is due for payment.

    In doing so, you will always be able to maximize your purchasing power at this retail outlet. A Menards credit card can help pay for your home improvement needs right away.


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