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Petro Points Review

    Petro Canada (PC) began as a state-operated crown corporation of Canada, but in 1990, they became a private brand of Suncor Energy. Now, Petro Canada serves as the retail and marketing arm of Suncor, as well as a prolific symbol of Canadian nationalism, especially through their sponsorships in the Olympics and Paralympics. Retail (gas station) locations offer a variety of unique and co-branded products along with the standard petrol station fare. The GlideWash car wash system has been a hit for years, and PC oil is one of the best-selling brands of lubricant. Petro Canada offers more diesel fueling locations than any competitor in the nation, and they even provide home heating solutions to their customers.  

    Get A Petro Canada Petro-Points Card

    Much like many retailers out there, Petro Canada offers a customer loyalty program where you can collect rewards points to access free gas, eGift cards, and just about anything else in between! Known as the “Petro-Points” program, the more gas, and products you buy at Petro Canada, the more opportunities you have to collect Petro-Points, which equals out to tons of free stuff.

    You earn 10 points for every 1L of gas you purchase at any participating Petro Canada. Every dollar that you spend with a Petro Canada retailer, outside of gas, earns you 10 points. Every 1,000 Petro-Points gives you $1 of rewards to spend. You can redeem points online, or while in-store purchasing items, gas, or car washes.

    When it comes to online products, the list of items to redeem is plentiful. From eGift cards to car wash cards (that are reloadable), money off travel, plus exchanging points with Petro Canada partners like CAA and More Rewards, the choices are vast. You can also “donate” your points to help support the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Coaching Association of Canada, or the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

    You can also earn points outside of Petro Canada purchases, by conducting business with the gas company’s partners. Earn 10 points for each dollar spent when purchasing a vacation through; earn 2,000 points when you join Asking Canadians, (and collect additional points when you complete surveys); plus, you can earn points through the Optimity app.

    You can also link your Petro-Points card to other Canadian businesses to earn even more rewards! Save $0.03/litre and collect 20% more rewards when you pay for your PC gas with an RBC credit or debit card linked to your Petro-Points card. Collect 20% more of both Hudson’s Bay Rewards and Petro-Points when the cards are linked, and you shop at both retailers. Lastly, connecting your Petro Canada rewards card to your CAA membership will also earn 20% more points (that you can redeem for CAA dollars).

    How to Sign Up for a Petro Canada Petro-Points Card

    Signing up is simple. You can fill out an application in a Petro Canada gas station and mail it in, or just follow the link below to fill out an online form. It only takes moments, and there is currently a sign-up bonus offer of 2,500 points for every new account.

    For more information, visit Petro Points.


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